Complete Guide On How To Create Lead Magnets In 2020

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Lead magnets are a creative way and use of the internet and digital devices as an avenue to notify people visiting sites of your products. They become potential customers. In using lead magnets to create and expand your online business, you provide incentives to your potential customers in a bid to build their trust in your products. This article is the right spot for you to learn how to create a quality lead magnet for an online business.

Why you need a lead magnet to grow your online business

More often than not, people will be very confidential and will not allow anyone to have access to their details such as emails. Well, if you want to have them build confidence in you, you have to give them incentives which include useful information and content. This is how a lead magnet works; you give people incentives such as useful digital information in the form of eBooks, PDF and other forms and in the event, you convince them into visiting your products. This way, you create a great pool of potential customers. Since they have confidence in you, you consequently create subscribers in the event.


For it to look appealing and irresistible, your lead magnet should have the following key features:

1. It should be promising. Give your potential customers something to sink their teeth into. Prove to them that it is a genuine platform and not a scam. There are many of them out there.

2. Easy to understand. Do not complicate it. You can use easy-to-read forms like PDF and eBooks to deliver the content.

3. Specific. In your content, be direct to the point to avoid losing your potential customers due to boredom.

4. Quality. Create something people will learn from. Just be very outstanding in delivering the content.

5. Accessible with ease. As much as possible, make your lead magnet content very easy to access and read. You are certain to drag many customers to your products and create an amazing pool of buyers on your products.


How to create a great lead magnet

The trick here is for you to design a creative way to sway traffic online to your products. This is the great essence of having a lead magnet and a very sure way for you to improve your customer numbers. Here is an inclusive list of great ways you can achieve this using a lead magnet


  1. Providing online examples We live in an era where people get everything through the internet. This provides a great opportunity for you to market your products through lead magnets. You can go the extra mile and create genuine and verifiable examples of how to tackle certain tasks and other topics. Just be relevant to your buyers. They will stream in for the same content at which point they are going to take a look at your products.


  1. Design irresistible ChecklistsChecklists have this great way of hooking people reading through online platforms and sites into peeping in to view your products. These are potential customers. People love stuff that is easy to read and understand. So, you have to be very creative when designing a blog post for your checklist. They should be easy to digest and understand.3.Write scripts on various topicsYou can as well, tap the opportunity to drag someone who searching for them online. After reading through the resource, create a very irresistible way to drag the same potential customer into viewing and eventually buying your products. You can create a wide variety of scripts and avail them online but being very keen on areas that are modern and very popular. You should be able to keep track of the trending issues in the market, technology and many more.


  1. Using Check sheetsCheck sheets are not much different from a checklist. You simply put in guidelines on great and trending topics that people will love to visit and read. It becomes a great way to drag traffic to viewing and buying your products.5. Use quality and creative templatesA template is simply a guide. Well, you can create a template on as many topics as possible and then use the same avenue to drag potential buyers into viewing and possibly buying your products. This is a great way to increase your online customer numbers.



Online businesses are gaining popularity in this digital era and products can be advertised and sold online. With the ever-growing numbers of these online businesses, to outsmart the rest in the field, one must look for better ways to do so and lead magnet is a great way to sway potential converts to your site.



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