Dropshipping VS Affiliate Marketing Business Model (Beginners Guide)

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The most profitable methods to earn money online is affiliate marketing and drop shipping. However, individuals entering the world of digital marketing may be confused about which of the two is more cost-effective than the other. So, this article focuses on the advantage’s disadvantages, and comparison of the two money-making models to decide which one is perfect for you.

Both affiliate marketing and drop shipping needs hard work to begin. Most individuals enter digital marketing thinking that they can effortlessly get wealthy through making the webs and streams of revenue will begin popping out immediately. That is a serious mistake. Whether it is affiliate marketing, a drop shipping business, or any other business, it needs constant determination for the business to grow.


Dropshipping refers to an ecommerce trade model in which you keep items in stock. When a client orders an item, you pass the order to a dealer who then sends it to the client. You make money through arbitrage.

Benefits of drop shipping

Dropshipping is not only an incredible business opportunity but also helps customers to find items that they did not know exist due to the novel tactic of drop shippers.

The advantages of starting a dropshipping business include:

• More earning opportunities

The main reason why more individuals are opting for dropshipping is that in affiliate marketing, one only receives a commission on the number of items they sell. In contrast, with excellent advertising platforms, individuals can exactly target each client who wants to purchase their items and make payment only when the order is delivered. Even after deducting the expenses of customer service, hosting, and advertisements, they still receive a commission that is higher than the one they would have received with affiliate marketing. Furthermore, clients can also install software such as Dropified, AliDropship, and several others that are related to dropshipping, including WorldWideBrands and AliExpress.

• No obstacle to entry

You can start a dropshipping business with almost no capital. It is a profitable business model that gives the owner enough rights over the types of items he or she wants to sell and the methods in which he or she should sell them. Often, the drop shipper only needs to cater for domain and hosting costs.

• Easy to scale

Since dropshipping is similar to an e-commerce store, clients cannot differentiate between the two. The dropshipping e-commerce store is an independent brand. It gradually improves, particularly with the word of mouth.

Limitations of drop shipping

Manage client support

Since drop shipping is like an eCommerce store, whenever a client orders an item, offer client support, or keep them in a loop by informing them about the product identity and delivery time. Also, you can systematize this procedure by employing a computer-generated assistant on freelancing webpages.

• Low values in overloaded niches

The drop shipping business model is all about brilliant niche selection and luck. In case you accidentally pick a niche that is already overloaded, you will have trouble surviving. This is because somebody else will already be marketing your items for a much lower value, and you will also have to vend for even a lower value to bring clients to your webpage.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a commercial model that requires you to promote products of somebody else and receive a commission when a customer buys those offers. In contrast with drop shipping, affiliate marketing does not require you to deal with orders or manage client support. Just promote orders and earn. The higher the number of products you promote, the higher the commission.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

• Free to enter

Each prominent ecommerce store contains an affiliate program that requires no investment to join. Interested individuals are only required to sign up and join, which is free. There are some expenses that an affiliate dealer has to pay for like domain and hosting.

• No client support

In the affiliate business model, you are only required to promote offers of the link you have joined. In contrast to drop shipping where you have to pay for client support, affiliate business has none of those issues. Clients only get readdressed from your web to the merchant store through the networks, and you receive a commission.

Limitations of affiliate marketing

• Salaries can be delayed

Although the commissions are usually paid monthly, they can be late because of a backlog or other financial issues.

• It is commission-based.

The main drawback of the affiliate business model is that you get paid in commissions. So, even if you spend more on bringing clients to the affiliate network, you will still receive a fixed commission- which may be lower than the money you spent.

Although the affiliate business model is incredible for beginners who do not want to mingle with client support, I consider dropshipping and affiliate marketing to be a profitable business choice. One can easily market products through Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Moreover, if your ecommerce store is offering high quality products, you immediately start receiving a constant stream of orders.

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