Why Is Email Marketing Important In 2020? (Complete Guide)

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Many beginners believe they’ve found a simple solution on how to make money online by drawing customers to their e-mail list and then bombarding them with what may seem like unrelenting sales messages. This is not what you need to do if you want to build an online company that is built on strong foundations. Your e-mail list is not in place, as you will quickly see many members unsubscribe. You need to take the time and build a relationship with them, provide the help and information they have been interested in, and ultimately stick to the two secrets of how to make e-mail marketing successful.

The first trick is that you have to recognize that people read both to learn, and to be entertained. They don’t open a book, a newspaper, a magazine, a blog post, an article, a review, an eBook, or anything else to spend their time bored rigidly. But don’t write your e-mails in a way that will have the effect of doing just that. So what kind of writing style is best suited to e-mails that engage the reader? Imagine having a conversation with someone else. In fact, that person should be the target person of your profile that you should have at the core of all your marketing. They are the individual with the typical characteristics of your niche market. And you should know how to talk to them if you meet them face to face and just imagine the same situation when you write your e-mails to the members of your e-mail list.


Best practices and strategies for E-mail marketing


What is the subject line of the e-mail?


The effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaign depends very much on the “available pace” of your e-mails. Open is the number of people who actually open your e-mails. The higher the open rate will be the chances of your goods being sold. Your subject line should be eye-catching to make a maximum number of people open your file. Most people mention their product on the subject line themselves, and the recipient ignores the mail as if it were just another marketing document.


You should use the e-mail subject lines to build interest in the recipient’s mind. This will push him/her to open an e-mail and read through it.


You should avoid using terms like Free Report, Bid, etc. because most e-mail servers find such terms spam and can block your e-mails.


Be concise when writing the e-mail.


The e-mails should be written in a very brief manner, and the flow of conversation will attract the attention of your audience. Short sentences will encourage the receiver to read through to the end of the e-mail. E-mails should be informative and do not contain repetitive phrases. It is recommended that you write very short and informative e-mails for full conversions.


Be Honest


As most of the buyers are now well educated, they will reply harshly to these e-mails either by unsubscribing or by simply deleting all e-mails from you. False statements would not have won you anything but a lack of credibility and a lack of prospects. You should not make an invalid argument, but rather be truthful to all your e-mails.


Be personal


You should keep in mind that you are sending e-mails that people would read. Your e-mail should appeal to the readers’ minds. You may address them by their first name in your e-mail address. Your e-mail should show that you are a real living human being. This would improve your e-mail marketing campaign’s conversion rate.


Be realistic


You should address the problems you have encountered in the past, the attempts you’ve made to solve them, and describe how the product you’re selling has helped you resolve the problems. It will help the readers realize like they are not alone in coping with the issues, but other people have experienced the same issues. They would probably buy your stuff in the hope of solving their problems. But be sure you’re not deceiving people with false claims.


Sending E-mails at Appropriate Intervals


The pace at which you send e-mails is also a very important factor in the effectiveness of e-mail marketing. No one may standardize the frequency or interval between two mailings common to all niches. You will know how long you want to send mail to your lists. If you’re mailing your lists once in a quarter, there’s a chance people could forget you. On the other hand, if you’re regularly mailing, people may get irritated and might unsubscribe and opt-out of your list. This depends entirely on which niche markets you are targeting.


There is a common myth that you should send as many e-mails as you can. Believe me; this is entirely false. You must judge the situation in the light of the parameters stated above and decide on the frequency.


Don’t Always Promote Things.


Many people are focusing all their energy in stuffing referral links in e-mails hoping that they’ll crack a deal & nothing wrong with that if they do it properly. Imagine that you’re receiving e-mails from an XYZ person who’s always sending referral links to his mails that allow you to buy something. Would you like to buy from those affiliate pages? It’s certainly not! Since you know that this individual always supports affiliate programs to the greatest extent possible.



Instead of just pushing affiliate connections, you can give anything that adds some value, so the recipient doesn’t need to buy something. You can send free e-books, informative articles, free reports, free coupon codes, and so on. This would create a very different picture of you in the minds of your clients, and they would not find you a hyper-marketer.

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